Nutrition is a fundamental part of athletic performance and one of the biggest determinants of body composition. Here at ESTLR, our workouts train your body to get better results in the gym, but we can also show you how to fuel your body with CrossFit nutrition in the kitchen.

How do I start?

Getting started is easy! Fill out our contact form and mention nutrition coaching in your message to meet one-on-one with one of our coaches.

What does the meeting entail?

We sit down and talk about your goals, what you do in and outside of the gym, and your daily food choices. We then provide a nutrition plan that is tailored to your needs - whether it be macronutrient ratios, lifestyle adjustments, and/or meal plans for you to implement. (Because no two people are the same!)

Initial cost for meeting is $99. Specific meal plans/macro breakdowns are an additional fee. The fees are on a case to case basis which we will discuss with you. Overall, the price is dependent on how much help and planning you would like.

Darren helped me fix my nutrition with very simple guidelines - less sugar, more vegetables, and balanced meals. I lost 15lbs so far and am stronger and faster than ever. No tracking or restrictive dieting. It worked for me!

Sophia Y.