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Darren Shepherd

Owner, CrossFit Coach, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Personal Trainer

Darren is the owner and founder of ESTLR CrossFit, which became his focus after decades spent in the gym doing everything from bodybuilding, to calisthenics, to powerlifting, to Olympic weightlifting. Since founding ESTLR in 2013, CrossFit has become his lifestyle. He believes strongly in the high-intensity style of training and thrives off the incredible relationships created through CrossFit classes. His passion is to coach others to improve their technique and push themselves to be better versions of themselves. He has 30+ years of experience in coaching and his ultimate goal is to see his gym change lives for the better.
CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2)
CrossFit Scaling Course Certified
Crossfit Judge
USAW Club Coach
USAW Certified Referee
USADA Certified
Safe Sport Certified
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Luis Valdez

Head CrossFit Coach, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Personal Trainer

Luis has been a coach at ESTLR CrossFit for 5 years, and has 10+ years of experience in coaching and personal training. He has always been an active individual, as he was a three-sport athlete in high school (cross-country, wrestling, and baseball) and found CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting shortly afterwards. Luis has trained at seminars and camps from some of the top weightlifters in the world, and thus has a huge breadth of technical knowledge. He genuinely believes every person can benefit from weight and fitness training no matter their age, size, athletic ability, or background. He listens carefully to his clients' needs and has a wide skillset to able to meet the training needs of everyone he works with.

Oliva Knitter

Crossfit Coach

My name is Liv i’ve been a crossfit coach and personal trainer for 2 years. I have a passion for fitness and coaching. I have a fitness background of bodybuilding and olympic weightlifting. I love to learn new movements and challenge myself to see what my body is capable of. My favorite movement is the snatch, im a big fan of technique work!

Eli Lawrence