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To scale or not to scale?

By July 1, 2019No Comments

We all get caught up in it.

“scaling” is almost perceived as negative in life. Not by your coach (because we want you to get the most out of you workout and to learn) but, by the people around and possibly…yourself. It somehow makes you weak if you scale, some inner dialogue could be “Oh I’m not good enough”, “I usually Rx, so I NEED to today or I won’t improve” or feeling like you have something to prove against the other people in class.

The Crossfit ideology is that “when you walk in (to the gym), leave your ego at the door.” and what they’re saying is; focus on you not anyone else, you’re not here to prove anything to anyone, just yourself.

So, it comes to the question, to scale, or not to scale?

Scaling is great. I wish that I had known as a new crossfitter how important it is to scale and not to strive for that “Rx”. I would probably be a much faster athlete if I was told it was important to scale more when I first started.

In our last post we talked about mechanics, consistency and finally intensity. Scaling brings that intensity, which brings proper workout volume, mechanics and in turn strength/speed.

Therefore next time you look at workout, consider your intensity, ask yourself “what am I going to get out of this?” because I can promise you one thing, you will improve in all aspects.

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