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Mental gains

By October 1, 2019No Comments

You can do this.

Crossfit is a way to get fit, look good naked, keep up with the other people in your sport, but through this method of exercising has come a way to be stronger mentally, not just psychically.

The mental aspect is what keeps people coming back. We like the challenge of beating our time and weights each week.

There’s something to be said about grinding through a tough workout with other people next to you doing the same. It keeps you from not wanting to give up, but also pushes you to think “I could’ve done better” when you’re done…


How do you get “better” than you already are? There are multiple answers, but we believe it’s through changing our mindset.

Creating a better, more positive mindset during a workout is hard. Our bodies don’t like feeling uncomfortable, so the negative thoughts during a workout are your bodies way of keeping you “safe”.

BUT building a better mindset when you workout is how you create the “mental gains” (mental gains mean real bodily gains too). We do this by being very aware of how we feel during and after a workout. Those negative thoughts that surface we must learn how to block them out.

First step to blocking out the negative is by never saying it out loud in the first place. Don’t manifest it. No complaining.

Second step, seek out the difficult. When things start to feel uncomfortable push into it and think “this is what I want…this is why I’m here… I can do this”

And the truth is…you can do this.

See you in class,

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