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Mental gains

You can do this.

Crossfit is a way to get fit, look good naked, keep up with the other people in your sport, but through this method of exercising has come a way to be stronger mentally, not just psychically.

The mental aspect is what keeps people coming back. We like the challenge of beating our time and weights each week.

There’s something to be said about grinding through a tough workout with other people next to you doing the same. It keeps you from not wanting to give up, but also pushes you to think “I could’ve done better” when you’re done…


How do you get “better” than you already are? There are multiple answers, but we believe it’s through changing our mindset.

Creating a better, more positive mindset during a workout is hard. Our bodies don’t like feeling uncomfortable, so the negative thoughts during a workout are your bodies way of keeping you “safe”.

BUT building a better mindset when you workout is how you create the “mental gains” (mental gains mean real bodily gains too). We do this by being very aware of how we feel during and after a workout. Those negative thoughts that surface we must learn how to block them out.

First step to blocking out the negative is by never saying it out loud in the first place. Don’t manifest it. No complaining.

Second step, seek out the difficult. When things start to feel uncomfortable push into it and think “this is what I want…this is why I’m here… I can do this”

And the truth is…you can do this.

See you in class,

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To scale or not to scale?

We all get caught up in it.

“scaling” is almost perceived as negative in life. Not by your coach (because we want you to get the most out of you workout and to learn) but, by the people around and possibly…yourself. It somehow makes you weak if you scale, some inner dialogue could be “Oh I’m not good enough”, “I usually Rx, so I NEED to today or I won’t improve” or feeling like you have something to prove against the other people in class.

The Crossfit ideology is that “when you walk in (to the gym), leave your ego at the door.” and what they’re saying is; focus on you not anyone else, you’re not here to prove anything to anyone, just yourself.

So, it comes to the question, to scale, or not to scale?

Scaling is great. I wish that I had known as a new crossfitter how important it is to scale and not to strive for that “Rx”. I would probably be a much faster athlete if I was told it was important to scale more when I first started.

In our last post we talked about mechanics, consistency and finally intensity. Scaling brings that intensity, which brings proper workout volume, mechanics and in turn strength/speed.

Therefore next time you look at workout, consider your intensity, ask yourself “what am I going to get out of this?” because I can promise you one thing, you will improve in all aspects.

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These three words I want every single one of you guys to ingrain into your heads. Got it? Good.

CrossFit is an amazing strength and conditioning program, WHEN DONE THE RIGHT WAY.

1. Mechanics.
Mechanics refers to technique and ones ability to move properly through fundamental movements (squat, press, deadlift, clean, snatch, etc.) This is our number one priority before moving onto any of the other two steps. In our case as CrossFiters we are trying to move ourselves and other objects as efficiently and effectively and safest way possible. Without a solid base or foundation we cannot expect good consistency in movement.

Take the Snatch for example, extremely complex movement. It demands lots of mechanics and understanding of proper movement. But this all starts with the Overhead squat. You cannot expect to Snatch 135# if you cant simply Overhead squat 125#. Some can argue actually yes I can and rip the bar off the ground, but not the goal here. Go back to the books get efficient with the Overhead mechanics then move on to step 2.

2. Consistency.
Now that you have worked on mechanics and understand what that means a little better we can move forward. Consistency, two different things here. You have to be consistent with the proper mechanics of the movements and consistent with performing them during workouts.

Moving well and correctly under a lighter load than you’re used to might be a good thing. Choosing competitor workouts over athletes isn’t always what will get you to your goals quicklier. Choosing a lighter weight for more consistent reps with proper mechanics is one hundred times better than moving a heavy load with bad mechanics. It is the proper CONSISTENT mechanics that will create the proper neurological patterns under light loads which therefore transfers to heavier loads(STRENGTH!)

3. Intesity.
The last one and what got all of us addicted to the cool aid. Intensity, this one is different for every single one of us. We all have abilities that are unique. But without proper mechanics or consistent movement DO NOT expect intensity the correct way.

Take a look at Mat Fraser for example. Every single movement he does is pretty damn perfect and efficient. His mechanics are spot on. And Consistency is pretty obvious seeing that he has won 3 back to back CrossFit Games titles. But it is because he is so good at mechanics and consistency during his training that allow him to perform at the highest intensity possible every single time.

Now take all three of these concepts and execute them one by one. Proper mechanics and consistent movement will allow you to lift more weight, and perform MORE reps faster. Thus making you BETTER and STRONGER.

More work in less time means higher average power (force x distance / time = power). Higher average power means higher intensity. Higher intensity means better RESULTS

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